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Modified Roofing

Modified roofing systems utilize asphalt-based materials with added modifiers, such as rubber or plastic, to enhance their performance and longevity.

Modified Roofing is available in various types, such as SBS (styrene-butadiene-styrene) and APP (atactic polypropylene), with each offering its own advantages. These roofing systems can be installed as multi-layered systems or single-ply membranes, allowing for flexibility in meeting the unique requirements of different constraints.

Installation is performed by Certified Building Solution's professional roofing contractors with expertise in the specific application methods, such as torch-applied or cold-applied techniques. This ensures a proper and secure seal, maximizing the roof's performance and longevity.


We install Elevate (Firestone), Johns-Manville, and Garland. 


Roofing Systems


SBS Modified Bitumen Roofing consists of an asphalt based glass yarn reinforced polyester mat and is generally coated or covered with mineral granules.

An SBS roof system is extremely durable and ideal for a high traffic roof area. SBS Modified Bitumen roofing is available in white, black, and other granule surface colors. SBS membranes may be installed by heat welding (torching), hot asphalt, cold-applied adhesive or mechanical attachment.


APP Modified Bitumen Roofing is available in a variety of thicknesses in smooth and granule surfaces. APP is reinforced with a tough, non-woven polyester mat. APP membranes may be installed by heat welding (torching) or with cold-applied adhesives. 

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