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Building Trust, One Roof at a Time

Welcome to Certified Building Solutions, West Michigan's Leading Commercial Roofing Contractor

Whether you require a new roof, emergency repairs, or routine maintenance, Certified Building Solutions is your trusted partner for all your commercia
l and industrial roofing needs

Evaluations & Inspections

Comprehensive evaluations and inspections provide a thorough assessment of a roofing system's condition, helping to make informed decisions and ensuring long-lasting performance.

Preventative Maintenance

Our proactive preventative maintenance services safeguard your roofing investment, extend its lifespan and minimize potential issues through regular inspections and upkeep.

New Construction

Crafting durable and high-quality roofing solutions, our new construction services bring your commercial or industrial building to life with expert precision and tailored excellence.

Thermal Imaging

Harness the power of advanced thermal imaging technology to identify hidden roofing issues and ensure optimal insulation and energy efficiency.

Repairs and Emergencies

Our prompt and reliable repairs and emergency services swiftly address roofing issues, providing efficient solutions to protect your property and restore peace of mind.


Our re-roofing services expertly replace and upgrade your existing roofing system, ensuring enhanced durability, improved aesthetics, and long-lasting protection for your commercial or industrial property.


Have a Damaged or Leaking Roof?

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